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To Citroen 5HP (7.5hp)



Date 2014-11-13 Duration Up to revocation Print
Model/Type: Div./Div
../../images/tmp/multiins/91.jpg ModifyObject 9
Electric horn in copper, painted black and red. Length 30cm. With compressor. This horn was sold to me as "up and running" but I have not had the opportunity to check, hence the price.
Price: 50 EUR
../../images/tmp/multiins/121.jpg ModifyObject 12
Ceiling lamp, nickel metal + glass. 12 x 10 cm. State average.
Price: 10 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/161.jpg ModifyObject 16
Rearview mirror metal black with beveled mirror 12 x 6cm
+ 1 mirror "panoramic", 15 x 6cm.
Price: 15 EUR
../../images/tmp/multiins/191.jpg ModifyObject 19
Pair original flashing lights. Good condition.
Price: 30 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/211.jpg ModifyObject 21
Pair of small orange lights, nickel plated. Probably a recent remanufacturing. Diameter: 7cm. Very good condition.
Price: 20 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/231.jpg ModifyObject 23
Pair of small orange lights, shape as "shell", chrome. Probably a recent re-manufacturing. Diameter 7cm. Very good condition.
Price: 20 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/241.jpg ModifyObject 24
Lot of different lenses and gaskets for headlights.
Price: 7 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/251.jpg ModifyObject 25
Rare and elegant vase Soliflore signed WISKERMANN of silver. Perfect condition. Dim. 17 x 8 x 5cm.
Price: 35 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/461.jpg ModifyObject 46
Pair IDEALUX headlights, black, nickeled circles. Diameter 24cm. In good condition.
Price: 120 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/471.jpg ModifyObject 47
Pair of MARCHAL headlight, curved glass. Diameter 21cm. Good condition inside, but exterior to paint again.
Price: 70 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/561.jpg ModifyObject 56
Lot various fittings and petrol cock + TOTAL logo plate. See also object No. 107.
Lot price: 60 Euro.
../../images/tmp/multiins/581.jpg ModifyObject 58
Chrome door handle with lock and 2 modern keys.
Price: 25 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/691.jpg ModifyObject 69
2 lubrication guns in working.
Price: 15 Euro each.       Reserved
../../images/tmp/multiins/781.jpg ModifyObject 78
Wiper motor "BOSCH". Good condition.
Price: 10 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/801.jpg ModifyObject 80
2 air pressure wipers engines. State average.
Price: 5 Euro each.
../../images/tmp/multiins/821.jpg ModifyObject 82
Pair of origin seats 5HP (Mathys & Osy). Pale blue leatherette cover. Adjustable rail and folding. A wooden spar to replace, otherwise good condition.
Price: 180 Euro the pair.
../../images/tmp/multiins/871.jpg ModifyObject 87
SOLEX carburetor 26MHG, bronze, for Citroëm B2, B10, B12, stamped Citroën chevrons. Very apparent good condition, but I have not tested.
Price: 120 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/881.jpg ModifyObject 88
JAEGER speedometer for Citroen C4. Nickel plated, with a curious media that is not original. The unit is in good condition. Diameter 8.5cm.
Price: 130 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/901.jpg ModifyObject 90
Watch JAEGER with black background for Citroen C4, diameter 8.5cm.
Price: 80 EUR.
No. 39896
ModifyObject 93
Handbrake lever "enhanced". Height 50cm. Nickel-plated handle, brass button. Very good condition.
Price: 25 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/1051.jpg ModifyObject 105
Battery terminal, new.
Price: 5 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/1071.jpg ModifyObject 107
Copper tubing of petrol pipe. Good condition.
Price: 5 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/1081.jpg ModifyObject 108
FUELSAVER device for unleaded gasoline. New in its packaging. Some are convinced of its effectiveness ... the debate is still open!!! Comes with fuel filter, also nine.
Price: 75 EUR.
../../images/tmp/multiins/1091.jpg ModifyObject 109
FUELSTAR unit, new in its packaging. For unleaded gasoline. Some are convinced of its effectiveness... the debate is still open !!!
Price: 90 EUR.
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Firstname, Name Marc Simonin
Address Rue d’Enfer 104
B-1457 Walhain
Phone +32 (0)10 65 71 29
Mobile +32 (0)476 40 33 08




Date 2004-10-25 Duration Up to revocation Print
Year of construction: Div.
Model/Type: Div./Div.
Search vehicle grey book or tablets of producer of chipped and liquidated Citroën 5HP (7.5 hp) vehicles, so that I could be able to help towards the owners, which haven't serial number for their vehicle.
Firstname, Name Willy Schafroth
Address Unterboesingenstrasse 2
CH-3178 Boesingen
Phone +41 31 747 81 09
Fax. +41 31 329 31 58
Mobile +41 76 382 81 09


Date 2006-12-21 Duration 6 months Print
Year of construction: ~1936-1950
Model/Type: Spezial/
Pretty bodywork of a modernized Citroën 5HP from the vear 40 or 50. Manufacturer unknown. Prospects report to the below-mentioned address.
Firstname, Name Sigg Maschinenbau AG
Address Steinerstrasse 59
CH-8475 Ossingen
Phone 0041 52 317 13 04
Fax. 0041 52 317 34 18


Date 2009-02-04 Duration Up to revocation Print
Year of construction: 1922
Model/Type: T2/
Children pedal car in super-original-condition, frame metal with fiber-construction, brakes with neutral-hub and train pole. The reproduction this Kindertretautos should be from 1970. My sale-price lies with CHF 2400.–. Please with further questions telephones or mailen. Also a sightseeing-date is possible anytime.
Firstname, Name Urs Kaiser
Address LochmĂĽhle
CH-6102 Malters
Mobile +41 (0)79 458 99 09




Date 2015-12-10 Duration Up to revocation Print
Year of construction: 1924
Model/Type: Tous/Div
Firstname, Name Eric Deruaz
Address 6 allée ponson du terrail
F-38130 Arpege
Mobile +33 (0)668 13 68 60