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Model/Type: Div./Div
../../images/tmp/multiins/941/101.jpg ModifyObject 10
2 Horns with pear. Properly functioning. Nickel state average. Pear to replace.
Length: +/- 40cm. Plus 3 caps vibrators
. Price: Horn: 30 Euro coin, Beak: 1 euro each.
../../images/tmp/multiins/941/521.jpg ModifyObject 52
Pair of chrome hubcaps. Large spacing 130mm. Diameter 19cm. Modern reproduction. Excellent condition.
Price: 100 Euro the pair.
../../images/tmp/multiins/941/951.jpg ModifyObject 95
Fuel tank cap 5HP, original accessory, brass nickeled.
This cap was punctured, probably to attach a mascot. He was then punched "clumsily" and plated again. But traces of the old hole are clearly visible. One could easily re-perforate the cap to attach a mascot (eg mascot "little lemon" as the 5HP Matthys & Osy sale on the site) and nothing would be visible. See also object # 6.
Price: 40 EUR.
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